usage: [-h] [-n N] -i INDIR -o OUTDIR
                                 [-s [STRATEGIES [STRATEGIES ...]]]

Named Arguments


Number of models to copy. DEFAULT = 2

Default: 2

-i, --indir Input directory
-o, --outdir Output directory
-s, --strategies

The type of strategies we are interested in

Default: [‘delta_unsats_per_1000_dSASA’, ‘dG_top_Ptotal’]

usage: [-h] --infile INFILE
                                    [--glycosylation_name GLYCOSYLATION_NAME]
                                    [--nstruct NSTRUCT] [--cycles CYCLES]

Named Arguments

--infile, -s Input PDB.
--glycosylation_position, -g
 Glycosylation site. Rosetta resnum or resnumChain, ex: 463G
--glycosylation_name, -n

Glycosylation name

Default: “man5”


Number of output structures

Default: 1

--cycles, -c

Total number of cycles to attempt using the LCM

Default: 75